Monday, January 25, 2010

VNIT Fports Feft

Normally I like to fit back grooming my raven gloffief. At otherf I like to take a dump on the numerouf annoying couplef at the bajaj nagar gate while hiding in the treef. I am of courfe your proverbial “lil birdie” who faithfully tellf and initatef all the rumourf and “breaking newf” in VNIT. So when the Edf at the newfletter told me to follow up on the VFF, I told them that they had come to the right man.

Now when VNIT finally got itf very own fportf “extravaganfa”, I couldn’t have been any happier for ‘em. Of courfe the onuf of thif organifafonal giant, with 4 outftafon teamf ,fell on our fteadfaft C(h)ore committee, who in their busy fchedule found time to pet poochef, take their demanding girlfriendf to fhopping, and longer and relafed fag breakf at the tapri.

When too many fweaty fwarthy men threatened to fill the campuf, I knew our gueftf had arrived. Out of all the teamf that arrived, NIT- Kkr couldn’t have been in higher “fpiritf” and they were just about to be the crowd’f favouritef with all their cuffing and pufhing, had it not been for NIT-Fee who couldn’t have felt more at home with what their entire mallu family refiding in Bhi-an-aai-tee. With in minutes of arriving they found everyone from a mallu coach to mallu gamekeeper to an inftant ready mallu fan club. I obvioufly wonder why our entra friendf kept away from any PDA with NIT-w blokef.

VNIT crowd at its beft if refilent and at worft mulifh in its attitude to attending eventf in the college. But the one thing that had them hounding was the food ftall in the parking lot. Ticket fyftem and a bald guard with a loud whiftle had moft of the prettief kept ftricly out and falivating.

VNIT fports feft was a complete fucceff with the home team winning 3 out of the 4 fportf, which was pretty much efpected, confidering the fportf juggernautf that we are. :P my kudof to palafh dhali for fuch a fiefta. Of courfe, confidering gyrating cheer leaderf would help more partifipation next year.


  1. I hope you did not ufe the find & replafe tool to replafe all f'f with f'f. And if u did indeed make fure while typing that you do the replafement correctly... The hard work is so damn commendable :)

  2. Hey just checkd.. you did indeed replace it without the tool.. coz I found 7 S's in the whole article :)